Coming Soon:
Concrete Tee Pads!

We've just started the project of installing Concrete Tee Pads at Indian Oaks.  Phase 1 of the project will be to install pads on all of the holes in the non-wooded area of the park.  This consists of 10 holes, 1-3 and 12-18.  We had quite a bit of the money needed to install the pads, but were short a few hundred dollars.

If you want to help make our course even better, please consider making a donation to our cause through Pay Pal by clicking on the donate button below.  The donation will go to John McGowan's Pay Pal account (  If you have a problem submitting your donation online via PayPal, contact John via Email or telephone 847.331.0201 and he can arrange a way for you to provide cash, or an address to send a check to.

These 10 tee pads will be installed and ready to go by our August 11th iOS Tournament!